Sanders RF Consulting offers a broad range of specialized skills and product solutions to companies in the following areas:

RF Circuit Design

From low frequency to microwave, we provide custom wireless / RF solutions tailored to your specific product requirements and needs, or modifications to existing product designs. We have experience with a wide variety of transmitter, receiver, and transceiver solutions in a range of frequencies and standards, including broadcast, ISM, WLAN, cellular, avionics, and medical. Learn more >

Electromagnetic Compatibility and Compliance

With more than 40 years of combined electromagnetic compliance experience, our team understands all aspects of EMC compliance. We can help at every stage of your product design process- from reviewing an initial PCB layout to fixing emissions or susceptibility problems before product launch. Learn more >

FCC/EN Testing and Certification

Sanders RF Consulting is your company’s first choice for assistance in FCC/EN certification for your electronic product.  We have the capability to do extensive radiated emissions pre-testing in our own laboratory. Learn more >

Product Solutions

We also offer general electrical circuit design consulting for your company, at frequencies from DC to RF. Our electrical designers can assist with power supply certification and test at Underwriters Laboratories, and are also proficient at audio circuit design solutions. Our staff is skilled at embedded microprocessor design and coding using PIC microprocessors. Once your product design is complete and in production, we offer assistance with factory test software using the LabVIEW programming language.

PCB Prototype Layout and Manufacturing

Auto-routed radio frequency circuit board layouts will, in general, never work optimally, or may not work at all.  Sanders RF Consulting has extensive experience in circuit board layouts at radio frequencies, ensuring that your design meets specifications and passes regulatory emissions tests with a minimum of board turns.

Environmental Test

If your product specifications require operation over a wide range of temperatures and humidities, or has MTBF specifications, we can test and verify performance in our labs.  We also offer automated testing using LabVIEW for both lab and factory test.

Basic Mechanical and Packaging Design

Sanders RF Consulting partners with several mechanical designers to provide our clients with one-stop-shop service for their product design needs.  We can design, prototype, and fabricate a mechanical enclosure for your product.
For more details on our capabilities and services, or to get started on your project, email us using the contact form or call 919-374-0773.