FCC/EN Type Approval

Sanders RF Consulting is your company’s first choice for assistance in FCC/EN certification of electronic products. 

  • We have the capability to do extensive radiated emissons pre-testing in our own laboratory.
  • We are conveniently located in RTP near Underwriter’s Laboratories, where we perform FCC/EN certification testing.
  • We attend all tests, provide timely test result updates from the test facility, and if the product design permits, we modify the product on site as time allows to improve test results.
  • We are versed in compliance testing to FCC, EC, and MIL 461 requirements. We offer low-cost diagnostic testing to help ensure a “pass” during the certification phase.

For more details on our capabilities and services, or to get work started on your company’s project, please email us using the contact form or call 919-374-0773.