Since 2000, Sanders RF Consulting has catered to both large and small companies that need fast, effective solutions to design issues. We offer complete RF product design services, including prototyping, testing and debugging your circuits and systems.

Our staff at Sanders RF Consulting consists of a number of RF, electrical, and software engineers, all with experience in consumer and industrial product design. We have a core team of principle staff engineers, each with over 20 years of practical engineering experience.

From our engineering lab near Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, within 10 miles of Underwriters Laboratories, we are able to assist on-site with FCC type acceptance and electromagnetic compliance issues.

Our Philosophy

We strive to achieve the best design solution possible for all our clients, from sole proprietors to universities. We keep abreast of the latest wireless design technologies and developments, and our ability to apply our theoretical knowledge to real-world design implementations is what sets us apart from other wireless consulting companies.

Green Engineering Practices PartnerSanders RF Consulting is committed to reducing its environmental impact. We are studying and implementing “green” engineering techniques where possible in the hopes of inspiring other engineers to do the same. When carefully and correctly implemented, “green” design does not necessarily increase design cycle time or product cost.

We have also partnered with to offset the carbon footprint of our company and our website through 2012 by planting trees in deforested areas.

Protecting Your Proprietary Design Ideas
Sanders RF Consulting respects its clients’ proprietary design ideas and safeguards them with non-disclosure agreements.

If you have further questions about our consulting services or product, please contact us using the form on the right, or call us at 919-374-0773.  You are also welcome to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page as well as our RF Engineering Services pages.